Vendor Overview: OpenSpan

Continuing the overviews of vendors that fit in the Fast Track space, this article is about software firm OpenSpan. They operate in the desktop analytics and desktop automation space and, crucially, enable integration to existing systems without changing them. As OpenSpan puts it, their focus is on ‘human interaction optimisation’: improving how technology users work at […]

Fast Track Framework: Technology

The aim of Fast Track Architecture (FTA) is to prioritise the time-to-market of IT projects in order to deliver working systems in days and weeks rather than months or years. An overview of the Fast Track approach can be found here. Fast Track solutions should be considered when Corporations are experiencing the following: – IT […]

Fast Track Component Toolkit

A number of separate technology components are likely to be required when designing a Fast Track solution. Each component needs to meet the Fast Track criteria of being fast to deploy, available ‘instantly on’ and avoids the need for code being written wherever possible. This post proposes a  component framework and an example product for […]