About this Blog

I created this blog to share and encourage dialogue about methodologies to deliver working IT systems as quickly as possible; with the objective of increasing the success rate of technology projects.

Whilst this may sound like the Agile methodology, it isn’t. Agile is concerned with writing software. The fastest way to implement a business process is not to write software but to purchase software that already implements the process, or where software doesn’t exist use a software tool and configure it to implement the process. Therefore, one of the principles of Fast Track Architecture is to avoid writing software wherever possible.

I’m also not suggesting that every technology project should use a Fast Track approach; I’ve found that the following types of projects and scenarios will benefit from a Fast Track approach:

    • Automation of manual business processes
    • A long-term change programme that needs to quickly establish Executive confidence
    • A leader who is new to their role and needs to demonstrate quick wins
    • Launch of a new software-based product
    • An urgent requirement to deal with an operational issue
    • Where there is a need to reduce financial risk

Furthermore, many of these scenarios could benefit from starting with a Fast Track phase which leads into subsequent Waterfall, Iterative or Agile phases.

It’s possible that Fast Track ideas will be used to improve the time-to-market of existing IT delivery processes. I’ll include this type of content if it occurs.

Article Categories

WordPress supports categories for articles, so I’ve created a number of categories to help navigate the content:

People: Content that relates to organisation structure, roles, skills, politics and even individuals who are living the Fast Track dream in their companies.

Process: Articles about methodology, Fast Track processes and practical examples of how to run projects in a Fast Track way.

Technology: Infrastructure, software and technology services that enable or support rapid implementation.

Concepts: Articles about Fast Track concepts, what they are and why they’re relevant.

Case Studies: Examples of projects that have used a Fast Track approach. My aim is to include examples of successful Fast Track projects but also failed projects so that others can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Vendors: I’d like to build up a catalogue of infrastructure, software and service providers that fit the Fast Track mould. I’m hoping vendors will contribute some of these articles.

Getting Started

A great place to start is to read this overview article.

Twitter and LinkedIn

I’ve created a Twitter account where I’ll notify followers of new content and tweet related content that I spot. Please use @FastTrackArch in your tweets if you see relevant articles.

I’ve also created a Fast Track Architecture LinkedIn Group that I’ll also use for notifying LinkedIn users about new content.

Thank you

If you’ve read this far then I hope you find the content on this blog helpful. Feel free to contribute, comment or provide feedback.

Kind regards,
Matthew Wood


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