Financial Benefits achieved using FTA

Thanks to Greg Simpson for sharing his success story using Fast Track Architecture:

“One of my recent engagements involved a demanding deadline for a Cisco voice and data solution. The solution is for VIP use only and required a creative approach in order to meet the deadline. We also had to negotiate down priorities on existing commitments to free up capacity.

I worked on the overall team portfolio and realised that to meet existing commitments and deliver a working solution to the VIP Community, Fast Track Architecture should be considered.

The net result being:
– Functionality was delivered to some of the existing commitments earlier than promised
– Infrastructure in the design that was earmarked for organic growth was rescheduled for delivery later in the year, which also helped with the business units involved cashflow
– Colleagues were freed up by taking this approach, which allowed me to divert effort to also deliver the voice and data solution
– Future growth capacity and full resiliency were added later, after initial go live

Adopting FTA across the portfolio has reduced initial outlay whilst also enabling more projects to go live and in a reduced time frame. I now have happy business units and happy IT teams, who are now delivering more business change, in a shorter time frame and with a smaller initial cost base”

Greg Simpson


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