Fast Track Architecture Networking Event – The Write Up!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fast Track Architecture Networking Event on Wed 28th Nov, it was a lively debate with plenty of discussion. We decided to capture a list of questions as a part of the debate that will be used to inform future material on this blog. The questions are captured in this article. If you’d like to offer feedback, contribute to the blog or ask a question, please don’t hesitate to email me or comment on articles via WordPress.

1. Why do IT departments create £multi-million solutions when a smaller scale solution is often what is required?

2. Does doing it fast create more issues for you in the longer term?

3. Do the current IT machines fit the modern business paradigm?

4. Is there an issue with Risk Management discipline? Does this drive the behaviour and create the issues we often see today?

5. Politics are often a major issue for major IT projects and programmes. How much do politics drive IT behaviours?

6. Why is the effort required for testing often significantly more than the development effort, even for small changes?

7. Why is it that when a ‘burning need’ exists IT often deliver within very short time-scales.

8. Are there different types of ‘Fast Track’ projects that require different approaches and processes? For example:

    • New Product Innovation where a ‘Test & Learn’ approach is required. This means reducing the financial risk and not committing to a path too early.
    • Taking a new product to market where it’s known to be low-risk. Straight-forward accelerated delivery is required.
    • Business Process improvements and automation
    • The group believed there are others but we needed to move the discussion forward

9. Fast Track projects are not just an IT issue. Other areas of the business will need to move fast too. Which areas are key?

10. How do you incentivise ‘every day’ managers to adopt this approach rather than always reverting to the regular process? Does a Fast Track process need to be launched in an organisation rather than expect people to challenge the existing process?

11. How do you sell Fast Track to your boss or decision makers?

12. How do Fast Track and Regular project processes co-exist? And how do you ensure the lessons from the Fast Track approach influence the Regular process?

13. Fast Track is broader than Architecture, so consider changing the name. What should it be?

I would like to thank the Fluxx team again for the use of their studio and the supplying drinks and nibbles.

Kind regards,
Matthew Wood


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