Moving Apps to the Cloud (Good, Better, Best) – Part 3

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I have really been struggling with finishing off this 3 part series because the last part should be the “big finish”, it will drive huge amounts of traffic to this blog and folks will be raising their lighters in the air asking for a Part 4! Had I sat down and written all of this a week or two after we presented it back and June I think that would have been easier. The reality however is that I’m finding myself struggling with the idea of moving to PaaS as the “best of breed” solution these days.  Through this blog I’ll explain what our original thoughts were about PaaS and why it is represented as the “best” model and throughout I am going to sprinkle in my more cynical view points on it as a migration path.

Why did we think PaaS was the “best” way to host a cloud…

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